$300CASCO Level 2 active system
  • Subscription fees:
  • 120€ paying for one year
  • or 300€ paying for three years

The newest, MD Guard system operation principle differs from the previously mentioned SHERLOG systems in the way that it is a system functioning on a GSM localization principle. Although the system relies on GSM technology, it is, just like all SHERLOG systems, immune to any suppression and intervention means. It is not a self active system. All search actions are initiated after the owner of a vehicle notifies the police and the SHERLOG operations control center.

ANTI-SHOCK SYSTEM – immune to GSM blocking and intervention means

GSM LOCALIZATION the security system operates on a GSM localization principle

24/7/365 HELPLINE – the search of a vehicle is initiated immediately after you phoning the helpline and the police.


More information: +370 659 33251+370 659 80858+370 655 22317


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